So. Much. White. ::Day 3

I love decorating with neutrals, I mean seriously, if you check out my decorating Pinterest boards there really isn’t a ton of color. But what you will see is texture, patterns and various fabrics, grays and various shades of whites and browns. That is what gives those rooms warmth. For example (click on pictures to make them larger):

If I had my way I would paint my wall a light warm gray in my apartment, but I’m going to have to work with the white. Here’s our living room now (and yes I really did literally just walk out there and take pictures, no clean up, just real life…ok, it’s usually not this clean but I wouldn’t call it perfect.):

It feels really not put together right now (sorta like me still in my PJ’s, which I totally am) and there is so much I want to do! Of course we don’t really have any money (yay college students!).

Here’s what I plan to do for this room:

  • slip cover the wing-back chair  white and the couch grey (both need to be washable for messy kids-thus the current blankets and sheets, neutral for my color palette, and man I really don’t like the brown of our couch! But it was a $75 Craigslist steal!)
  • Make a rug. I’m so thankful for our carpet color- a cool gray, but the room really needs a rug to pull it together and define the space.
  • matching baskets for the TV shelves to store kid toys in and hide my messy storage
  • paint the TV shelves. I can’t decide on a color, white? grey? black? I usually don’t like black but I kinda like our black bar height table and maybe it would camouflage the huge black TV?
  • make new pillow cases. I’m board with them, they don’t go with my idea in my head- except my sweater pillow, that just needs to be tightened up a bit because it’s all stretched out 🙂
  • shelf and art behind the couch. I may hang up the window you see back there and exchange the panes with mirror to add more light in the room.
  • Different lamp. The old white desk lamp works but its not great for my style. I have a white lamp base hiding somewhere and I need to re-do the lampshade.
  • blackboard wall by the hallway

I’ve made a Living Room Mode Board in the past but this is more of the direction I’m going now in our apartment:

Living room

The base colors are all neutral, which also helps the small space feel larger, shades of blue as my pop of color, and natural items like grass baskets, wood art and a cow skin rug (please Santa?!) to add warmth.

See y’all tomorrow with a post about Working with White and more 31 Day’s Posts can be found in the menu tab above!


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