Kid Friendly Decor Ideas :: Day 2

One selfish reason I love the 31 Days challenge is that I get to read so many great posts EVERYDAY from some of my favorite bloggers and I get to find more great blogs! I just have to share a link with you today over to Growing Up Gilligan because her post made me tear up! It is so applicable to more than just decorating and home life; have you apologized to yourself lately?

Alrighty, after those deep thoughts, here’s my post 🙂

I absolutely LOVE being a nanny and I can hardly wait to be a mom someday! I have lots of boards on Pinterest devoted to kids, and it is fun to put some of those ideas into practice now.

While I do have an very motherly nature, I also have a passion for decorating. How do I make those two mesh?

Here are some fun ideas!

Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Frame their art using clips so that you can display their latest masterpiece easily!

The Lovely Cupboard

Baskets and storage containers. I love the neatness of this shelf that still allows little hands to find (and put away) the things they need.


I love this outdoor chalkboard wall! I would like to make one for our apartment (tutorial hopefully coming soon!)


I really don’t like my fridge to look cluttered- spray painting those colorful kid magnets like this is very chic!

Buy it HERE

And relax! The kids need to have fun; there is beauty in imperfection.

Hello Mr. Cow
Visit yesterday’s “Welcome to My Home” to see more of my imperfection

Check out more ideas by clicking the picture below!



2 thoughts on “Kid Friendly Decor Ideas :: Day 2

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am feeling very special right now. Also loving those gold magnets. I know part of the fun for me, when I was little, was organizing them by color but as an adult the monochrome metallics appeal to me way more. Oh how times have changed!

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