Welcome to my Home :: Day 1

Hey y’all! I’m really excited about this 31 Day Series because hopefully it will give me the motivation to get some projects done and not leave you with only idea posts, but also tutorials, before and afters and more!

First, come on in!

We live in a two bedroom apartment in Waco Texas (yes it is still hot out). It’s a big step up from our first apartment and we love it! Here, I’ll show you around:

These are pictures from the first day we moved in over a month ago. Sorry they are kind of blurry, I only had my phone!

Living room (no light fixture, small coat closet)

Dining with a small laundry room closet behind that far door!

Kitchen with all the fixtures! (our first two years of marriage we didn’t have a dish washer or oven.)

Bedrooms with large mirrored closets.

Bathroom with a Tub! (no bath tub in our last apartment! I’ll never take another bubble bath for granted!)

I love the size and amenities of our apartment, but as I stated on the base page, there are some decorating problems:

-the need for more storage

-so much white! How do I make this typical apartment feel homey?

-We have little to no budget for decorating

-I’m a nanny and I want a kid friendly, fun environment that doesn’t sacrifice my style.

Here’s some pictures of our mess. Yes, this place gets messy, and I fall behind on cleaning a lot, but hopefully that means you can empathize with me and we can work on it together during these 31 Days!

IMG_5325And this is our kitten Watson. She is a little mess maker and I want to find ways to incorporate her things into our apartment (aka- I don’t want to look at the litter box.)

Read more of this Decorating Dilemmas Series by going HERE!


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