Weekly Inspiration & a FREE FALL PRINTABLE

Eeek! I’m really bad at remembering to do this series! I guess I have the excuse of moving to Texas that took up the majority of my summer 🙂

I showed you some Fall decor ideas earlier but can you really get enough fall inspiration? I can’t. And I miss Fall so much! Texas doesn’t have a “real” fall season. It’s still hot, muggy and leaves drop from trees in brown droves instead of falling in colorful dances. Today we had a thunderstorm which gave me the illusion of an Oregon Fall until I stepped outside and had to swim through the 85 degree air.

My home decor is slowly morphing into Fall and I can’t wait to show you some of the things I’ve done! But here are some of the things I’ve been loving lately to hopefully inspire you too!


I love these pumpkins! One, they are white. Two, the rope stems! As I can’t for the life of me find mini white pumpkins I’m going to have to settle with fake ones. But the problem with fake ones is that the stems are always ugly. Wha-La! Hot glue and twine! Target’s dollar bin is going to be getting a visit from me soon…

Thrifty and Chic has gorgeous fall mantle this year!

I’m in love with this stump side table! I haven’t been too fond of the recent trend of dipping furniture but I changed my mind with this picture! Now where to find a free stump in Waco…

Proverbs 31 Girl– love her blog!

This Pumpkin Apple Bread will be coming out of my oven this week!

Sand and Sisal

And I jumped on the Antler Bandwagon last week!

I love Antlers but I’m not a Hunter

And here is my first FREE PRINTABLE for you! Go HERE to download it for printing 🙂 {Private use only}



That’s it for this week. In two days I start in on the 31 Day Blog challenge from The Nester! I’m excited, are you?


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