Update From Texas

It’s been awhile since I updated y’all on life down here in the south, feel free to skip this post if you want- more crafts and decor are coming in October!

I have found some work, which is such a blessing! I do some cleaning for our apartment complex (which I really don’t mind since it’s flexible with my schedule and I just get to listen to my iPod and make things look nice) and I’m also a nanny! I never heard back from the various jobs I interviewed for and applied at but when the opportunity to Nanny arose I was super excited! I absolutely LOVE kids and being a nanny provides the schedule flexibility we needed with one car and wanting to travel over the holidays. Right now I’m watching two little ones for a family I met through Jeff’s Law school- they are so precious! I’m still looking to watch another few kids during the week to make ends meet but I know The Lord will provide those connections in His good time.

Jeff’s birthday was yesterday- such an old man at 23. πŸ˜‰ We Skyped with his parents, made lasagna and German Chocolate cake, opened cards from family and watched two of his favorite things: Breaking Bad and a League of Legends Tournament (neither of which I am into, but I enjoy making him happy!).

We are loving our kitten (pictured above), Watson. She is getting so big and playful. We need to work on not biting when playing, but she’s mostly figured out not to use her claws.

We’ve been really happy with our new church too! A big part of that, I think, is that we almost right away jumped into a small group and started building friendships. Having some friends here in Waco makes being so far away from family a little easier-though seeing my parents faces on Skype the other day was hard and awesome at the same time! I miss them so much!

And a fun observation about Texas life for my Northwest friends: You know how we have generally accepted greetings? Like “Hi, how are you?” or “Hello, its a nice day, huh?” Well in Texas I’ve noticed that it’s all about football. But seriously, you hear about how crazy Texans are about football but I didn’t realize how much so (I haven’t been to a game yet, I’m practically a heathen) until the guy at the Fro-Yo shop greeted me, “Hi! Did Y’all go to the game?” And when I said no he seriously looked shocked! Talking about football down here is an acceptable conversation opener, elevator small talk, and greeting material; looks like I’m going to have to start brushing up on my Baylor Bears Stats!


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