I’m Not a Hunter, But I Love Antlers

I love this awesome trend of non-hunting people (I don’t hunt, but I don’t care if you do!) using antlers in their home decor. I am IN LOVE with this style!

Well, I decided to make my own! Luckily, my dog use to drag antlers into the yard when I was a kid and I collected a near matching set! I’ve saved them for so long and last night I finally decided to mount them so I could hang them up! I used what I had on hand: two antlers, cardboard (from moving boxes), duct tape, Elmers glue, hot glue gun and book paper!

I started by free-handing a mount shape I liked, then I cut several of them, layered them with hot glue and cut some holes to support the antlers better. The I hot glued the antlers like crazy, used a little duct tape for good measure and then cut a card board strip to cover the ugly holes.

Then more duct tape to sooth it out and make it extra sturdy.

Then I used Elmers glue (diluted with water to create a modge podge) and ripped up magazine to cover and smooth out my mount.

I had an old Laura Ingalls book I found in a free box that was missing a bunch of pages on hand, so I ripped up some pages and covered the mount.

I LOVE how it turned out!

2013_ 9_16_12_ 2And for you smart people out there- yes, i think I hung the antlers upside down. I really like them like this though. I was going for the tall and wide look like some of the ones from my inspiration pictures above- I think it’s artistic 🙂


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