Handwriting, Paper and Stamps

Going to the mailbox is one of my favorite things. I love getting mail! There is something incredibly exciting about the hope that there will be a letter or a magazine waiting for me. Most days that hope is crushed by bills and junk mail- but there is always tomorrow!

Handwritten letters are so rare and outdated in this age of instant gratification. Email and texting, Skype and Facebook have eliminated the practical need of letters and cards. Or have they?

I, for one, am obsessed with writing, paper, stationary, books, and letters. A Kindle is handy, but nothing beats the feeling of a book falling open in your lap. Email is practical, but a handmade card emotes more care.

Unfortunately, I am a terrible letter writer. I am always incredibly grateful for the cards I receive from grandparents, and the occasional ones from friends and family, but I am aweful at responding in turn. I have a big box full of stationary and cards I have collected over the years because I LOVE paper and all the pretty/fun designs and because I hoped i would become a better writer.

My goal this year (can I make a new years resolution before new years?) is to be a better corespondent. Moving to Texas has made me want to write more, both with a pen and on my blog, so that I can stay in touch with those I love back on the West Coast. So, if you write me, I will write back! (or try to anyway…)

I am working on a “mass mailing” of cards with our new address. They are turning out pretty cute! After I send them out I’ll put up a little tutorial, but for now, if you want my address so you can write me (please do!) message me on Facebook or text me!


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