Temporary Pantry

So…the kitchen changed the same afternoon I posted the kitchen reveal…
I went garage sale shopping this weekend and found a great white shelf for $10! EventuAlly I’ll want it holding books and cuteness in the living room, but for now we needed a pantry.

It’s a simple shelf but it has nice lines, and its solid- like i was impressed with myself for getting up the stairs impressed. It will eventually need a new coat of white paint and maybe some sandpaper to shabby it up a bit, but it looks fine now!

If you are anything like me, you dont like to see the ugly cans and boxes food comes in. In my last apartment I used a tension rod and a small curtain to block off the lower shelves, this time I used a leftover piece of linen and thumbtacks.

These are things you probably have lying around your house already because I did and we are still mostly living out of moving boxes!

It only took me 15 minutes to turn this shelf into a pantry!
1)Measure your shelf. I only wanted to hide half of my self so i measured from the middle shelf down and the inside width (from inside wall to inside wall. If you measure from the outer edge to the other your fabric will hang out. But f that’s how you like it, do it!)
2) Iron your fabric then cut it to your measurements. I adde a half inch to the top so that I could fold it down and have a nice neat edge on the middle shelf. Besides that, i did not hem my fabric because I like the semi frayed look linen has. If you do hem your fabric, make sure to leave a half inch all the way around to fold over!
3) Nailhead trim is expensive, but silver thumbtacks give the same look! Gently tap in tacks. Start with center, then do the far outer edges and then fill in from there.

4) Add your cute fruit bowl/basket, cookbooks, etc and enjoy!






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