Flea Market and Up-Cycled Glory

I got Jeff to come to the Flea market and one of my new favorite up-cycle stores today. He actually enjoyed it! I’ll turn him into a thrift shopper/junker yet!
We started out at a huge flea market, got some drill bits and a printer cable and enjoyed people watching. Texans are awesome by the way.
Then I took him to Junque in the Trunk, which was just a few blocks down the road. This place was Becca heaven. I would love to own a shop like this someday! 20130824-193557.jpg
The owners are a family that spend their time hitting garage sales and junking around Texas, finding old pieces of furniture and then the up-cycle and refurbish them and sell them in their little shop on the weekends.
Jeff was impressed and could see why I loved it. The prices are great, the pieces well done, and the store is super well decorated. When I get a job out here and if I make enough, I’ll be visiting Junque in the Trunk for some furniture!
Right next door is another cute shop called Shades of Shabby, and they are just as stinking cute! They even hand out free waters and Dr Peppers out of an old Dr. Pepper cooler (that actually works). The owner came over and told us the whole story of how he got it when he saw us admiring it. That was the best cold drink I’ve had for a while because this Oregon girl is not use to 98 degrees and humidity!




    By the way, Dr Pepper was invented here in Waco. There’s even a Dr Pepper museum, which makes the free pop even better in a way.

So if y’all are ever out in Waco for the weekend, you’ll have to head down La Salle st and peak into these cute stores- you just might find me there!


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