Decorating Inspiration

Finally got the kitchen all unpacked! The management was going to let us paint but the decided to have maintenance come sanitize them and they will be back soon to scrape the paint splotches off and re-stain the cabinets. Though i do like all white kitchen better, the wood does warm up the place and will look so much better re-stained.

I’ve been pursuing Pinterest for ideas and i thought i’d share some of my inspiration pictures that I’ll be working from/with in the living room.

our walls are similar to this color. I love the gray couch, gallery wall, basket and rug, pillows…okay, all of it!
if i cant find cute shelves at garage sales for cheap i’ll renovate a Walmart shelf or two like this.
We are going to hang the TV on the wall and I’m going to hang a cute gallery wall around it to make it blend in better. I also need to find a cute old dresser to store the blueray players and movies in.
I got a great wingback chair at the Goodwill and I want to slip cover it in white. With a black cat I’ll have to do a little more vacuuming…


I’d like to make this coffee table/ottoman, probably a different fabric but I love the gray and white. With a cute tray in the middle it serves as a coffee table or can bu used as extra seating!


Need to make a big piece of art for the wall by the door, this is a definite contender





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