Our Texas Apartment- Before Pics

Hey y’all! (look I’m practicing my accent!)

We’ve had a great weekend! Haven’t really seen any more roaches, found a great church, and we got KITTEN!

This is Watson. She is about six weeks old and small for her age. She’s super cuddly and playful=perfect kitten! And yes, she is a girl and yes her name is Watson. I just liked the name, okay!

She is currently sleeping on my lap and preventing me from doing any chores…heehee!

I figured I should share some before pictures of the apartment since things are changing quite quickly around here. It’s a pretty typical two bedroom apartment but I want to turn it into a beautiful home! Hopefully you’ll stick with me and follow along 🙂

You walk in the front door and the living room is on your left, hall straight across from you and the breakfast nook/kitchen to your right.
This is the living room. I LOVE the big windows. There is no light fixture in here so I’ll need to find a good floor lamp.

This is the breakfast nook (view from living room). The door you see in the back leads to a big closet that acts as a laundry room. For now it is just holding boxes. We have to find a gas washer of all things-those are ancient! We have already found a table! It’s a black bar height IKEA table with two chairs. We got it off Craigslist for $15!


Here’s the Kitchen. I’m so excited to have a dishwasher and oven (unlike our last apartment that was cute but tiny!) and all this cabinet space is going to be great! We are going to go down to the management office today to see if we can paint the cabinets. (Read my rant about bugs and paint here.) They just aren’t sanitary after the cockroaches and there’s already paint splotches all over them… i don’t know, I’ll update you later.



Both bedrooms are pretty much the same. This one is our bedroom. We set up our bed pretty quickly after I took this shot. Sorry for the blurry pics, i had to use my phone since my good camera was still packed away.


There are lots of closets in our apartment, which I LOVE! and I actually like the mirror bedroom closets because it bounces light from the big windows around even more. I love natural light!


This will be the office/art room and maybe even the library too. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put all our books in one room or spread them between the living room and office.


Here’s our bathroom, which is huge compared to our last one. I need to buy//make some sort of shelving or cabinet because there is no storage in here except for a medicine cabinet. Please excuse the mess on the floor, the first day we moved in we didn’t have towels yet but I NEEDED a shower so that T-shirt acted as my rug.


Again with the bad paint job, see the side of the cabinet? Messes like that are everywhere and it will drive me crazy!


See y’all later!


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