We Made It! And some good & bad things

Hello again my dear friends!

I’m sorry for the long break from blogging! The last month has been quite full. We had such a special time with family before we headed out here. Lots of camping, some boating, laughing and crying. I miss my family and friends so much and am so blessed to have them in my life and praying for us as we are out here on this adventure.

We moved into our new apartment two days ago here in Waco Texas. Jeff starts law school at Baylor next week and until then we are getting settled.

Moving into this apartment has been both more and less trouble then I expected.

GOOD THINGS: Traveled safely with no problems and got to see lots of family, got our keys quick and easy, our UHAUL Box arrived earlier than expected and we were able to move all our boxes into the apartment the day after we got here, the paint and carpet colors are GREAT(it was a silly thing to worry about but still, I’m relieved they’re not hospital white walls or green carpet. phew.), WE ARE GETTING A KITTEN TOMORROW, our neighbors are quiet and nice so far, we now have a pool, bathtub, dishwasher and laundry hook-ups, super nice management, great neighborhood, close to campus, super low rent, etc.

NOT SO GOOD THINGS: Cockroaches, dirty kitchen cabinets. 😦

Overall, this apartment is fantastic. And after battling roaches (99% of them were tiny, so it could have been worse.) for two nights, they’re nocturnal, it seems we’ve got them under control since i haven’t seen any and by 11pm I’m usually stinkin’ up the apartment with Raid. I’m still having the bug guy come on Tuesday though.

Now that it seems the roaches are under control the kitchen cabinets are my biggest pain. When we moved in I found garlic, yes garlic cloves, and peel in a drawer which is obviously what attracted the bugs. There is/was tiny roach poo all over the cabinets and there is no way i’m putting my nice clean kitchen stuff away in them. So we spent a good hour or two cleaning them tonight and we still aren’t done-between the poo and greasy buildup from the last renters. :/ Needless to say we are going to go talk to management come Monday. I’m hoping they’ll either have someone come professionally clean them (again after we have) or let us paint them.

GOOD THING: the apartment was freshly painted and carpets cleaned! BAD THING: whoever painted this place didn’t do a professional job. I should know being the daughter of a painting contractor and Jeff worked a few summers painting. Walls are fine but they weren’t too careful when it came to molding and cabinets, and they’re some obvious splotches on windows- come on guys. I’m hoping that they’ll let us paint the cabinets a clean semi-gloss white so that them smell is gone, they’ll be easier to clean in the future and we’ll freaking do it for free!

Okay, okay, am I freaking out too much here? Again the good out weigh the badI just want this place to be as close to perfect as possible because I’d like to stay in one place during Jeff’s 3 years at Law School.

I’ll be back soon with more updates, before pictures of the apartment, and an introduction to our new kitten! Thanks for letting me vent!


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