DIY Rope Vase Tutorial and a Pinterest Party

I love hosting parties, especially craft parties for my girl friends. I’ve done a few other Pinterest Parties and they are always a hit so I figured I do one last party before our big move.

I use this as an opportunity to make some of the hundreds of crafts I have pinned, see family and friends and decorate my house all cute.

Pinterest Parties are super easy to do! I usually pick a theme (this time was Spring-so bright colors, flowers, etc.) and then I ask everyone to bring a snack to share and $5 to cover the cost of craft supplies. And the beauty of Pinterest is that I usually have most of the supplies already, or they are cheap to get-think Dollar Store or collecting your glass bottles.)

Here’s what we made!


First we made some beautiful and easy paintings of flowers using the splatter paint method. Super easy, kinda messy, and very fun! Head over to My Flower Journal to see how to!

Then we made these lovely rope covered vases! Here’s how to!



Here’s what you need:  IMG_6941

  • hot glue gun and lots of hot glue
  • rope or twine (get from the home section of Walmart not the craft section to save money!)
  • scissors
  • glass bottles/vase (jelly jars, Goodwill find, whatever!)
  • Time: 20min-45min depending on how thick the rope is.

How To:

  1. Start the top of your vase. Fold down about a half inch of rope so that it will be be hidden as you wrap and stays secure and glue it down.IMG_6946
  2. Continue down your vase, keeping the rope tight and making small glue dots 2-4 times per wrap.
  3. The ridges at the top of screw top jars are hard to cover completely on the first go ’round, so clip your string one at the bottom of the ridges and do another layer.IMG_6948
  4. Now continue wrapping and gluing-keep your string tight and close together!
  5. Once you reach the bottom, cut and secure the end with glue. You can now choose to leave it be or embellish with pretty ribbon , a rope bow, glue on a sea shell, etc. I chose to leave it plain.
  6. If you burnt your fingers run them under cold water and then put a flower in your vase and admire! Nice work!


Check out more fun crafts at this Link Party at Home Stories A to Z!

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