Shopping for the Right Outfits

I know I don’t often talk about clothes here, I really am more of a home decor girl, but I like to look good too! I buy most of my cloths from consignment or thrift stores or off the clearance rack (here’s how to do it) so I don’t always go in with something in mind that I need but rather a mental list.

It’s too easy to veer away from a mental list…

I also find myself looking at my Pinterest Fashion Board  and wishing all of it was in my closet. Well, it just hit me, why not print out those pictures to keep in my purse on my next shopping trip so I can try to replicate them? Ah ha! So I’m doing just that and I will check them off as I get them so I don’t buy more than one pair of white pants or emerald green shoes.

Here’s some of the things on my list ❤

need: emerald jeans
need: pink scarf and flats, silver bag, pearl necklace
need: simple dress, wide belt, brown scarf, gold earrings
need:flouncy mustard yellow skirt, white button up blouse, blue cardigan, statement necklace
need, green blouse, grey blazer with belt (more versatile than brown)
need: denim shirt, little sneakers, khaki shorts (or hem the long ones i have)
need: white denim, coral scarf, gold jewelry, sea grass bag
Need: artsy top, red earrings

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