DIY Purse Strap Cushion

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Jeff and I recently visited Texas to check out his new school and housing options. I decided that I needed a better purse for the trip, one that would fit all of this…

I had a Maurices gift card so I headed to the mall and found that lovely silver bag calling my name. But if you compare these two pictures you’ll notice a difference…

Yep, this silver beauty didn’t come with a lace strap cushion. I realized that there was no way I could walk around Waco with my Cannon, iPad, and every other purse necessity with such a small strap. So I concocted an easy solution!


  • cardboard, corrugated is best to provide more padding.
  • base fabric. I used a gray fleece I had on hand.
  • (optional) decorative lace
  • needle, thread, scissors
  • this took me about 30 minutes

How To

  1. cut out a rectangular piece of card board roughly an inch wider than your purse strap (1/2 inch on each side). round the edges so it wont poke you!
  2. wrap the cardboard cutout in your base fabric and stitch the open edges to secure. (to make a less permanent version use fabric glue or hot glue to secure fabric.)
  3. Cut out 3 narrow strips of your base fabric. Secure one end of each to the covered cardboard on each end and in the middle.
  4. Then wrap the strips around your purse strap (make sure to position the cardboard so that it will pad your shoulder-on the bottom of the strap.) Make sure your strips are pulled tight and sew ends to secure.
  5. wrap your decorative lace (or other pretty fabric) around the whole cushion and secure by stitching around the edges. Make sure to fold in the ends and secure to avoid fraying.

And there you go! A pretty, quick and easy fix to a common problem.


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