Laundry Lady

This is a blog post from one of my sweet cousins who is a little further in life than I- with a house and a baby- and she blogs about her beautiful life and journey with God. She has an inspiring blog and today’s was especially encouraging to me! My big dreams may not come true but God has a plan for my life and in His will I can and will be full. God is good! Check out The Morning Mug here! It’s defiantly worth the read!

The Morning Mug

There was one particular run around the block that I will never forget.

I was in high school, a relentless, fearless junior. I took life by the horns. Not much to worry about.

I made moves, played hard, worked hard, and dreamed even bigger.

The world was my oyster.

I ran the block almost every night before dinner. A few times around. It was my time to think. Process the day, sweat, solve our nation’s debt crisis, etc.

I mostly wore my volleyball spandex while I ran. I will  personally apologize to any and everyone who saw me during this time. Those things were a 1/2 inch away from underwear. I see girls wearing them around town today and I cringe! Holy heavens! You forgot your pants, seriously, you did! It’s horrible.

This certain was dark out and I ran past a lady in the garage doing laundry. There…

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