Dreamy Bathroom

I’ve been day dreaming about bubble baths. Unfortunately we don’t have a bathtub and all the bathtubs available to me (family and friends who have heard of my plight and kindly offered theirs, and yes I did take them up on it) are so shallow that no two ends can be under water at once, and that’s very sad. Maybe I’m a tub snob, but I dream of the perfect bath. Bubbles, candles, good book and rain pattering against the window sitting in this beautiful tub fit for a queen:



This specific style of clawfoot tub is called a slipper tub. doesn’t it look wonderful?




Here’s my dreamy bathroom moodboard. Of course my mind and style could change at any moment because, well, I’m a girl and we like to do that.


  1. This is my favorite inspiration picture. I would love to live in and renovate an older house and I can just see this cozy bathroom tucked under the eves.
  2. Every queen’s retreat needs a sparkly chandelier.
  3. Love this pretty mirror from Target. I’d love to find a big vintage mirror though.
  4. I love this old dresser turned vanity.
  5. A simple shower curtain.
  6. gorgeous slipper tub.
  7. White linens are so nice, clean and bright and bleachable.
  8. vintage looking soap pump from Target.
  9. A cool relaxing blue paint with white tile and batten board.
  10. natural baskets for storage and to warm up the color pallet.
  11. Loving these candle hurricanes from Target.
  12. Woven rug to warm up the floor.
  13. Bathtub, basket, rainfall shower head! LOVE

The links and more inspiration photos can be found HERE.



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