Dream Kitchen

Jeff has begun receiving acceptance letters to various Law Schools and it has set our little heads spinning into dream land. He took me out to dinner last night (yes married people still date each other! and it’s awesome!) and we spent a good amount of the time dreaming of getting our own house and being able to paint, redecorate and garden. With all this dreaming and inspiration floating around I had to create another mood board for you! Here’s my dream kitchen!

(Again, as a woman I reserve the rights to change these ideas and design completely or a little bit without notice, warning or logical reason.)

kitchen inspirtaion
click on picture to zoom in
  1. This is my favorite inspiration picture. The calming colors, gorgeous wood floor and stainless steel appliances=LOVE! My colors are neutrals, mostly red with accents of bright blues.
  2. I want a Kitchen Aid Mixer in “Gloss Cinnamon” so bad!
  3. A red espresso machine would be a fun counter accessory too! (Though my stainless steel one works really well too.)
  4. I would really like to do some open shelving, preferably with gorgeous old boards like these, to display my pretty white dishes.
  5. Farm House Sink PLEASE!!!
  6. This cup just makes me happy. I’ll definitely have a little coffee station in my dream kitchen.
  7. I wouldn’t mind having a few pots in this lovely color!
  8. This Kitchen Island is really nice. I would like to make my own or re-purpose an old dresser, but this one has the style I’m going for.
  9. I already have some kitchen towels like this and I love them. When I need more this is what I’ll buy! (along with my embroidered flour sack towels I find at craft sales. LOVE those!)
  10. These kitchen canisters are from Anthropologie and are WAY OUT of my price range but I love the look of them!
  11. Vintage blue mason jars are one of the things I collect and this would be a great way to put their prettiness to use!
  12. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find an old American flag to hang in my kitchen year round.
  13. This is a great inspiration picture too. Lots of clean fresh white, useful antiques and open shelving. I love that kitchen island too!

All of these pictures and their links along with MORE INSPIRATION PICTURES for my dream kitchen can be found HERE on my Kitchen board.

For more Mood Boards go to my MOOD BOARDS PAGE above.




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