Beautiful Rusty Time

This last week I went to one of my absolute favorite places to find beautiful old objects and junk pieces to recreate- Bring Recycling in Eugene.


They have everything from screws, old tools, cabinets and molding to antique furniture, windows, doors and hooks. This is where I got my awesome porch post and old window for $6 a piece. Just look at all the cool stuff and ideas!

The first thing I saw when I walked in was this beautiful chair, that mirror and that clock!


I would have bought all three then and there if I had had the cash and space! Ugh, my heart still hurts a little for that mirror and that chair, but I couldn’t leave that beautiful made-in-America vintage school clock behind. For $12.50 it was mine!

Because this beautiful piece of Americana was a school clock, meaning it was made to be built into the wall, I needed to rewire it so that I could safely hang it and plug it in anywhere in my home. This is where my dad comes in. He’s brilliant with all things handy so I left it with him for a few days. he took it to a specialty shop where they opened up the back and affirmed that it was in a vintage school clock and told my dad which pieces he needed to use to change it from a hardwire to a wall plug. I got it back yesterday and hung it up in my kitchen in all it’s perfect rusty glory.

march13 028

I’ll have to give you all an updated apartment tour because I’ve moved things around and completely redecorated since the last time I showed you around. Stay tuned!


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