The True Meaning of Easter and a Craft where I Magically make a Bunny out of a Square

Happy Easter! We’ve been spending the weekend out here in Newport with family and getting a little sand in our toes. I”m so thankful for my family and being able to celebrate the most important Holiday of the year with them.

Though Christmas gets all the hype, Easter celelbrates the most poignant events in Christ’s life. Easter weekend starts out with Good Friday where we remember Christ’s death on the cross.

Jesus Christ, God of the universe DIED on a ROMAN CROSS for YOU!

Say what?! I know that I do not deserve that sort of love, and yet that is the beauty of it- Christ died for us when we still hated Him. Maybe you don’t love Jesus yet, haven’t accepted His gift of life yet- don’t wait. Christ died so that you can live. You can’t earn heaven- that would take away God’s grace- heaven and God’s love are a free gift, all you have to do is accept it.

Jesus was dead, in the tomb for 3 days and rose again, CONQUERING DEATH so that we too can live. (in Jewish culture any part of a day counts as “1 day” so Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose on Sunday=3days) Not only did Jesus pay the price for our sins (sins are those things we do that aren’t right and what we don’t do when we know we should) but He made the way possible for us to have eternal life in heaven with Him.

That’s what we are remembering. That’s what we are celebrating. Eggs and chicks and bunnies and spring just remind of of new life, the new life we have in and through Jesus Christ.

Pretty awesome!

Ok, now for the Easter Craft where I turn this simple crochet granny square into…


a BUNNY!!!

Rather than create a new tutorial when there is a brilliant one already, I’ll give you the link to this fun project HERE.

Here’s a pictuer of Jo so and sew‘s cute bunny.


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