Fighting the Pain

I’m still dealing with an old shoulder injury from track and constant knee pain which made this simple crossfit workout impossible this morning. I wanted to try it because I could do it quickly and here in my living room. Grrr, I hate pain. So instead I went for a run in the sunshine. Running doesn’t flair the pain as much a burpees though my knee is bothering my again by 1.5mi in.-making my half marathon goal even harder. I’m thinking of trying a simple knee brace or tape job like i did back in track, but I don’t know. Indecisive I know.

This is a great workout, simple but tough enough to get your heart rate up and burn calories. If you can’t do all 10 sets, start with 5!


But I ran today, and that is an accomplishment, all but a small one compared to my goals. One more step in the right direction and a victory over my desire to sit down and read blogs all morning.


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