Bunting Tutorial & The “Office” (so far)

Yesterday I promised to show you how the “office area” looks so far. It’s far from done, but I’m happy with it for now. (please ignore all those disorganized cords!)

If you didn’t notice, I took down my burlap wall. I miss the texture a little bit but a blank canvas is nice too. Soon we are going to a build floor to ceiling bookshelf for the left of the desk (we have LOTS of books!), I’d like to put a rug there and get a different and prettier desk chair. It would be nice to paint the desk too, maybe a warm gray? Maybe a glossy white? But that project won’t happen anytime soon, so don’t worry wood lovers. My husband ordered a nice black key board that will match the computer. Do you guys have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

The cork board to the right is my “inspiration board.” I wanted a spot to physically pin and see beautiful and inspiring things everyday.


This little frame is my favorite thing in this corner right now. The little quote applies to so many parts of my life: faith, weight, chores etc. I’m so thankful for the grace of God. I know I’m not perfect and I can’t be  perfect (in this life. God will complete what He started!) I can be really hard on myself- too hard- and this pretty little frame is a good reminder to cool it.

And, as promised, here’s a quick easy tutorial for that cute bunting!

projectsdecor 2013 013

 What you’ll need:projectsdecor 2013 003

  • Paper or stiff fabric. I tore pages out of a Dollar Store Dictionary and scrapbook paper
  • scissors or a paper “trimmer” (the pink thing in the picture)
  • string- i used mint colored yarn
  • mini clothes pins- i found mine at Walmart for under $2
  • pencil (to trace lines for cutting with scissors)
  • ruler (if you don’t have a paper trimmer)


  1. Measure the space where you want your bunting, and cut your string to the right length. Now as you cut out triangles you can lay them out for correct number and spacing.
  2. Pick out what paper you want to use. I chose colors that complimented my favorite painting.
  3. Cut out triangles in two different sizes. Trace a triangle with a ruler by drawing a line from top corner to bottom center, see the arrows?IMG_2863projectsdecor 2013 004
  4. Now use your cute mini clothes pins to clip the paper triangles to your string and hang it up! Easy-peasy.IMG_2860

Was that easy or what? I’ve been dying to use those little clothes pins and was so excited with my brain presented me this little idea! I love how it brings some color in to my home for spring time.

I’m sure this whole office arrangement will shift around again soon- I’m not one to stay happy with decor for very long- besides, I want to get that bookshelf built!

I’m still dreaming about having my own office/craftroom someday though!


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