Coming Soon

It’s time to move things around in my apartment. What we really need is a better desk area and more storage for our many books. This is our current desk/office area:

The are a few problems with this spot, and 99% I can live with- but there’s one that’s really annoying. Behind that pretty curtain is our fridge (yes my apartment is tiny!) and when anyone sits at the desk it’s hard to get into the fridge and therefore harder to make dinner.

IMG_2824  I have also found that our table is semi-pointless in our everyday living. More often than not we eat at the couch and the table is used for various projects or acts as a collecting surface for junk. IMG_2825








With these things in mind I pulled out my sketch book and drew up a few ideas and showed them to Jeff. He liked this one a lot:IMG_2827

My doodles are not very good and not to scale at all but it definately helps me visualize what I want before moving everything around! One of the first things to do is take apart the table (so it stores in the garage better, I do love my little table!) and take down the LOVED sign (a friend is using it in her wedding next week) and take down the burlap. Then we’ll move the desk over, put the papasan chair where the desk is now and then…are you ready? this is the exciting part!…we’re going to build a floor to ceiling book shelf to put next to the desk!

I can’t wait to get started! So I’m going to go finish up my chores (cough, dishes, cough) so I can play!


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