53 Things About Me

In my recent reader poll you asked me to share more about myself- so here you go!

  1. I love Jesus Christ and put my trust in Him as my King and Friend when I was about 3 years old.
  2. I saved my first kiss for my wedding day ❤
  3. I am completely and totally in love with my husband, Jeff.
  4. Jeff and I are high school sweet hearts.
  5. I have two younger sisters.
  6. My mom is an AMAZING artist! Check out her blog!
  7. I’m a daddy’s girl. One of my favorite things are late night chats with my daddy.
  8. This pic TOTALLY describes my cleaning —>
  9. My favorite book of all time is Pride & Prejudice.
  10. My favorite movie of all time is the BBC Pride &Prejudice staring Colin Firth.
  11. Back in the dorm, my now-sister-in-law and I legitimately watched Pride & Prejudice (staring Keira Knightly) 5-6 times a week every week while doing homework, chores, or crafts.
  12. I want a dog SO bad! I want my first dog to be a German Shepard and I’ll name him Sherlock.
  13. Someday I want to have a Great Dane named Ramses.
  14. I graduated from Corban University in December 2012 with a bachelors degree in English.
  15. No, I have no idea what I want to do for a career.
  16. I want to be a stay-at-home mom someday (Jeff wants that too) 🙂
  17. I think about babies A LOT, but I’m not ready for them yet- I like sleep too much.
  18. It’s really hard for me to take a nap shorter than 2 hours.
  19. My favorite food ‘genre’ is Asian. It’s a weakness really.
  20. I love chocolate anything.
  21. I’m addicted to Pinterest. Seriously, I have over 6,100 pins! I love it for decorating ideas, wedding ideas and crafts. Ok and food and photography and kittens, etc.
  22. I played soccer from Kindergarten through Sophomore year of high school when I had to retire because of a weak ankle injury that just wouldn’t heal. I still dream about and miss soccer.
  23. I ran cross country junior year of high school through sophomore in college- mostly to stay in shape for track season.
  24. Track and Field is where I excelled in sports. I ran all the short sprints (100m, 4×1 relay, 100 hurdles, etc.). I retired after 6 years when I got married and decided work was more important.
  25. I hope to coach track and soccer someday.
  26. I love decorating! One of my favorite things to do is to move things around and see how they look in new places.
  27. Goodwill is my favorite place to shop, or at least the place I frequent the most.

  28. Target is my other favorite.
  29. I’m not good at video games, I don’t really care for them all that much anyway.
  30. Jeff and I dream about owning our own coffee shop someday.
  32. I love Oregon, there’s no where else on earth I’d rather live.
  33. That said, I really want to travel and explore and find things and photograph them and experience God’s creation and the cultures of the world.
  34. My favorite crayon color is robins egg blue.
  35. My favorite number is 13 because it was my soccer jersey number for 6 years.
  36. I only buy and use yellow Ticonderoga pencils. They are the best and easiest to sharpen plus a jar full of them is just so happy. 🙂
  37. One of my joys is hosting friends and family in my home. It will be so fun to have a home big enough for more entertaining someday!
  38. I don’t like iPhones, what I mean is that I wouldn’t want to own one. This is simply because they don’t have physical keypads- I like the feeling of pushing down buttons.
  39. I love iPhone cases. There are so many cute ones!
  40. I’m over 21 and I don’t drink. I just decided not to, partially because my father use to be an alcoholic (he’s been sober for over 10 years!) and also because I don’t need it to have fun! (Just for the record, I don’t think alcohol or drinking is wrong. I believe getting drunk is wrong but there’s nothing wrong with a couple drinks.)
  41. I love hiking, camping, and walking the beach.
  42. I LOVE driving. If gas was cheaper I’d probably go for a long Sunday drive every week.
  43. I need to loose 15-20lbs. The newlywed 20 is very real!
  44. I want to run a half marathon, I’m slowly training myself up but haven’t picked a race/deadline yet.
  45. We already have names picked out for our future children.
  46. I love crime fighting/mystery TV shows like Criminal Minds, Numbers, Psych, Monk, Robin Hood, The Closer.
  47. Cran-Raspberry juice is my favorite.
  48. CS Lewis is one of my favorite authors.
  49. My favorite Disney Princess growing up was Belle because I wanted the Beast’s library!
  50. I love paper. I have more scrapbook paper and journals than I know what to do with.
  51. I’ve kept a pretty consistent journal since 3rd grade.
  52. My favorite “job” ever was being a Resident Assistant at Corban University. I think if I got the chance I’d be a dorm Resident Director in a heart beat.
  53. I love reading. I love the library. I have more books to read on myself than I can read in a year (I read fast) and I’m always buying new ones.

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