Saving on Salad

Food is so expensive. As I am trying to be healthy, lose weight and, of course, save money, I’m trying to cut back where I can. Every little thing helps.

Jeff and I have a bad habit of buying bagged salad and then forgetting it in the back of the fridge until it’s wilted, gross and unopened. :/ But I really do like salad.

So instead of grabbing yet another bag of leaves I went for a cheaper head of Romaine Lettuce. While it does take more time to clean and chop than zip open a prepackaged bag, I saved over $2. That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but every little bit adds up!

Oh, and save the ends of your lettuce head- they make fun flower/patterned stamps!

Maybe you’re wondering why I was painting in a perfectly good book. Well, for one it is a really old book I got for free and for two I needed something to make a SMASH book with (and I didn’t want to buy a SMASH book when I could make one!). I’ll show you more about my art journal/SMASH book soon!


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