Good Morning!

Some of you woke up in denial of Valentines Day this morning. Instead of being grumpy or feeling left out today, show someone you care about them! Give the guy on the corner a couple dollars and a smile, compliment your neighbor, call your mom and dad, give your best friend a hug. Do some sort of random act of kindness and brighten someone else’s day! I promise making others feel good will brighten your day as well.

Alright, get ready, I’m going to brag about how awesome my husband is! I woke up this morning to roses, my favorite chocolate and eggs and coffee. 🙂 We exchanged gifts (I got him some running gear) and he handed me this certificate. I could quite understand, or maybe I didn’t believe it at first, but it said “Congratulations on your future achievements in DANCE.” He signed us up for a couples dance class! I’ve always wanted to learn some sort of dance and with all the weddings coming up this summer we’ll be able to use our new moves! Jeff, you are the best! I love you so much!



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