Simple February 14

Whether you are celebrating Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day, tomorrow is a great opportunity to say “I care” to your loved ones. Valentines Day isn’t just for the couples, it’s for moms and dads, siblings and friends, and even the forgotten in nursing homes. It only takes a minute, call up your mom just to say hi, send a postcard to your friend with a great joke, give your brother a hug.

Valentines Day in my house wont be too extravagant. We aren’t going out to dinner or dressing up (too many people out at restaurants for us) but instead we’ll be staying home, making some delicious homemade Chinese food and watching Mulan. It will be really nice to just spend time together.

Because I love you…

  • Mom and Dad: I love you so much and am so proud to be the daughter of two such God-fearing people.
  • Rachy-boo: BeepBooBeeBo!
  • Cherry Bear: I love watching you grow up and love spending time with you. Love you sister ❤
  • Mom and Dad Forrest: Thank you for raising your son up right. I love you both dearly.
  • Abby: My sweet girl, you inspire me. Loves
  • Benjamin: I enjoy our talks brother, you are very loved.
  • Riley: Thanks for making my bestie my sister 🙂 and thanks for always making me smile.
  • Nikki: I wish we could spend more time together bestie. You are very loved.
  • Katt: I’m so blessed to be able to spend so much time with you! HUGS!
  • Becky- Thanks for making your home and family so loving a welcoming. You are a beautiful example to me.
  • Readers: I don’t know if you understand what it means to me that you keep coming back and reading my thoughts and ideas. I’m so grateful!

I have so many others I wish to say thank you and I love you to! If your name is not here, you are still cared for by me!



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