Tell yourself the Truth

I attended the women’s retreat at Corban University yesterday and the theme was “Tell Yourself the Truth.” I learned a lot and was greatly encouraged by Poppy Smith’s wise words. Here is some of what I learned:

If you are anything like me you have doubts and and struggle with negative self talk. “I can’t do that.” “I’m not capable.” “I’m not pretty enough.” “I don’t have the training.”  “I’m too short.” etc. Negative self-talk is not only destructive but it hinders God’s plans for our lives; it hinders the blessings He wants to give us.

Remember Moses? He was living in the desert, taking care of sheep after he had killed a man in Egypt. God told him to go back and command the Pharaoh in God’s name to let the Israelites go. Moses basically says, “You’ve got the wrong man. I can’t do that. I don’t even speak well in public.”

Remember Gideon? He was hiding in a hole (a wine press) from the Midianites threshing grain when an angel appears to him and straight up says, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior.” (Judges 6:12) The first thing Gideon does is question God and then when he is commissioned to go gather an army he basically says “I’m the youngest in my family, my family is the lowest clan, I can’t do that!”

Remember Jeremiah? The Lord told him that He, the Lord God, had purposed him to go and be his prophet (its a hard and scary thing to speak the word of the Lord to violent kings and disobedient people!). How does Jeremiah respond? “I don’t know what to say and I’m too young!”

These men told themselves lies, even when God spoke directly to them! Each time God promises to be with them and to give them everything they need to do His will, but they sit and they fight it because they don’t believe it. Excuse after excuse come pouring out of them; these things they have told themselves for years.  Each of these men saw the trouble around them, but their negative self talk kept them from doing anything about it and hindered God’s work through their lives.

Does this sound familiar? Do you want God to work in and through your life? What lies are you telling yourself?

Do you remember what happened when Moses finally listened to God and not himself? God used Moses to set the Isrealite nation free from slavery, split the Red Sea, and lead this unruly group through the desert. With God all things are possible.

Do you remember what happened when Gideon finally listened to God and not himself? Midian was conquered and Israel had forty years of peace. God’s power is enough.

Do you remember what happened when Jeremiah finally listened to God and not himself? He called to the nations, he spoke God’s judgement to kings, and he encouraged the people. Not every calling of God is easy, but God is enough for every calling.

God doesn’t want you to settle for less than His great plans for you life.

{I’ll be back tomorrow with the 6 ways to grow in God’s truth that Poppy shared with us.}


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