Preparing to Decorate

I’m nearing the end of my Early Spring Cleaning craze and am starting to think about decorating now that the apartment is clean and feels bigger (in that we have less unnecessary stuff).

With Valentines day around the corner and hosting a bachelorette party coming up LOVE is on my mind.

I don’t like things to get too fru-fru around here and Valentines Day easily lends to fru-fru. Don’t get me wrong, I love pink, I love lace, I love hearts and I love love, and I love Valentines Day, but when there’s too much of all of that in one day and  in one place my head starts to swim with candy hearts and stuffed velvet bears flying round shooting arrows at my sanity.

So when looking for decorating ideas I look for simple things that I could leave up for longer than February. Here are some of my inspiration pictures

Tutorial on that bunting coming soon!


Tutorial on making your own Marque letters coming soon!


I love this!


white vases and greenery in this center piece tone down the Valentines Day fru-fru. I do love flowers on Valentines day!


This free printable will be making an appearance somewhere in my home.


I’m considering this quote for one of my blackboards. Fitzgerald certainly had a way with words-wish i could write like him!

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