Cuttin’ Down the Bread

Today I started a week long diet of my own making. Basically I can only have bread (including pasta, grains, etc) once a day. It’s making me be more creative with what I eat, more conscious of my snack choices, and I really have to plan ahead.

Today I decided to have an English muffin with my eggs and sausage for breakfast, so that meant no more bread for the rest of the day. The protein in the eggs filled me up enough to wait to eat until I got home from work at three so for lunch I had an apple and cheddar cheese (best combo ever!). For dinner I heated up some pre-cooked shrimp and added some Cesar salad. In the first day of this diet thing I’ve already eaten more fruits and veggies than I do in a typical day! Along with some exercise I think this will be a great kick start to my weight loss goals this year. I’ll update you in a week and let you know how it went and what I learned from it.



2 thoughts on “Cuttin’ Down the Bread

  1. Don’t forget to eat snacks! Did you know a whole can of tuna usually has less than 150 calories in it? Good luck Becca! I am cheering you on 🙂

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