Where’s my grit?

Talking with my sister-in-law this evening has inspired me.

Abby is this sweet high school junior with a passion for running. She’s been dealing with a serious leg injury for who knows how long but she has worked through it, nursed it and done everything she can to get better and back in the race. She’s conscious of how she eats, dedicated in her workouts, and finds joy in the physical activity. Today she got to get back to practicing- like actually being able to jump hurdles practicing- and her patience and dedication was rewarded with 3 stepping each practice hurdle! (for those of you who don’t know, the quickest and most efficient way to clear hurdles (an even in track and field) is to take 3 steps between each one. This is not the easiest thing; something I never mastered) I am so proud of her!

All of this got me remembering my own high school/college track days and the fire I had. One coach said I had grit- I’d run my self to the ground to get better, to be stronger, to win, to just know I could do it.


What happened Becca?! Where’s your grit?

Here I am 2 years after retiring from track, married (and happily so), graduated, 22 years old, and about 15 pounds over weight with hardly any dedication to my fitness other than the sporadic guilty training that keeps me from gaining even more weight (but doesn’t cut down on the 15). 18 year old me wouldn’t recognize 22 year old me. Not that my looks have changed or that I am obese or anything like that- i just think I’ve become too comfortable with where I am at when I can look and be better, healthier and happier.

So here’s to my sweet sister who reminded me what I can be and how fun it was to sweat, compete and succeed. I love you and I am so proud of you miss Abby.



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