Stitched Together or a Tangle of Twine?

One thing that was on my unofficial resolution list for this last year was to learn to knit or crochet. I started out with knitting…I failed miserably. That is not easy stuff! I gave up on the whole idea for quite awhile and then I slowly started learning to crochet.

First I made a headband with the easiest stitch ever (in my opinion anyway)

Then I started making a scarf with that same stitch (i’m still not done…easily distracted)

Then my neighbor taught me how to make hats-which I proceeded to make for a bunch of people for Christmas.

Then I taught my self a bunch of new stitches using this great site!

Now I have a big basket full of pretty yarn and multiple projects started and I just can’t seem to get enough. Crocheting is relaxing and therapeutic and I can do it while watching a movie (I like to keep my hands busy). It’s fun and I still feel productive by making things for myself and others. You can see my ideas for future projects here.


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