Tackling Spring a Little Early

I think my mom gave me the bug.

Back when I still lived at home my mom would get bitten by the “purge” bug once, if not twice or three times, a year. It was the time to wear all your favorite clothes to prove they still fit, make sure no loved toys were laying out on the floor where they would fall victim to the Goodwill pile and listen to mom say over and over again, “We have too much stuff!”

Well, though I almost hate to admit it- I’ve become my mother…at least in this way.

A while back you saw me clean out my bedroom closet, well it’s full again and the whole house seems to be bearing down on me with loads of cluttered unnecessary things. So the purging bug, more commonly known as the Spring Cleaning Bug, has bitten me early this year.

I spent a large portion of the last two days cleaning out the bedroom but I still have under the bed and the walk-in closet to go through and re-organize. Jeff’s dresser was subjected to my cleaning/purging craze  today(with permission of course).

It feels good to have a growing pile of things to sell and give away. It is also nice to finally be able to reach dusty nooks and crannies that needed a good cleaning.  I’m excited (and already embarrassed) to show you the picture of the final “purged pile.”

But since I’m not even close to being done with one room yet I’ll just share my “Purging Bug To-Do List.”



  • Clean/organize under the bed. -need more bins?
  • clean out Jeff’s dresser DONE!
  • clean out my dresser
  • clean out the walk-in closet -organize craft supplies
  • Clean the window and base boards
  • go through and recycle magazines (I have a huge pile beside the bed)


  • wipe down walls, cabinets and door
  • organize undersink
  • go through and organize shelves


  • clean fridges (we have a mini fridge in the kitchen and a medium sized fridge in the closet- its a small kitchen)
  • clean cabinets inside and out
  • reorganize cabinets and get rid of necessary things
  • Organize and clean under the sink -need baskets or tub for cleaning supplies
  • clean pantry shelf, sew longer curtain for it
  • clean microwave and toaster oven

“Dinning” Area:

  • clean table and tighten bolts
  • fix chair
  • redecorate wall

Living Room:

  • vacuum couch
  • recover the coffee table
  • re-paint rug (i still like the chevron but it’s getting a little shabby)
  • clean windows
  • clean out various storage baskets
  • find a better way to store books

“Office Area”

  • clean out desk
  • wipe down and dust desk
  • desk shelf and organize
  • find better place for the printer

Main Closet

  • take down card wreath
  • add curtain (iron it first)
  • move art stuff to bedroom closet
  • move printer onto shelf?
  • go through everything
  • move books into closet? movies?


  • take down Christmas lights
  • clean windows
  • clean up plants- plant some bulbs?
  • go through storage in the garage
  • clean out the car

There’s a lot to do but it feels good to check things off the list.


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