Decorating Sense

Finally having a home of my own has allowed my decorating sense to grow and develop into something completely my own. In other words, I’m no longer a child thinking my mom’s decor is the only way to go (she has a gorgeous house by the way) and I’m no longer the teenager who has to have neon green walls, pink bedspread and horse posters galore. My design sense and style are still growing and changing, but  I think it always will since my tastes seem to change daily.

Apparently my design sense is somewhat good, or at least creative, as I’ve started getting questions from readers about my home and even had a friend ask me to help her come up with ideas to redecorate her entire home! (I’m THRILLED to help!)

All of this encouragement has inspired me to work harder at learning decorating tricks and how to’s- and what better place to practice than on my own little home!

After reading through blogs and thinking things through a little bit I’ve come up with a two starter questions to get my/your decorating focused.

1) What is the purpose of your home? what words do you want to describe it? (relaxing, safe, modern, colorful, fancy, welcoming, etc etc.) Maybe write a list of words for how you want your home to feel, function and look. It’s also good to think of “no” words- those things you don’t want to describe or find in your home.

2) How you will want to use the space in the future? a year to 5 years from now. It’s just good to keep that in mind as families grow and needs change.

Here are some of my words:

Comfortable, welcoming, bright (not necessarily colorfully bright), restful, organized, natural, safe, clean, purposeful, beautiful, put together, something sparkly in (almost) every room, a touch of industrial

My “no” words:

animal print, neon colors, sharp corners/pointy objects (i like more rounded shapes, they look more comfortable), black, formal, modern, cluttered

Now you may find things in my home that could be categorized under “no words” but I’m thinking more of the overall feel. I don’t want my home to feel formal or modern, I like browns not blacks, but you may find a pointy sided sunburst mirror in my home someday. Basically I want everything in my home to be useful or loved. If i don’t love it and it isn’t serving a purpose, it has to go. (time to make another Goodwill box I think!)

I’m going to start going through the areas of my home and make idea boards for them to help guide my process even more. i’ll share them with you as I finish them (or at least am happy with them for the moment) along with where you could find these things and their prices. I’m probably going to have to DIY most of what I want to do or wait until I’ve saved up for the bigger items so I’m sure the rooms won’t be complete for a long time.

Pinterest is a great place to get started with idea boards. After pinning for a while you start to see a trend appear in your taste and then you can pull the things you like most in those pictures into a final idea board and then transform your room! See my idea boards on my page HERE! (you’ll have to scroll down a couple rows for home decor)


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