Birthday Tree

Every year since I can remember I’ve had a birthday tree. It’s one of those cute things my mom did for me every year that made me feel extra special – We would take down the Christmas ornaments and decorate the tree with streamers, balloons and Birthday cards.

This year I was going to decorate our Christmas tree for my birthday but when I started taking down the ornaments I found that it was completely dried out. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I can’t stand to have such a big fire hazard in my home, so I threw it out and went hunting for a substitute.

Behind the wood pile I found a fun stick that had a pleasing shape, so I brought it in, stuck in in a vase full of ornaments and hung happy little felt ornaments (that I picked up at Target after Christmas sales for a steal) on the branches. It’s sorta silly, but it makes me happy!


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