Why so Stressed?


Sometimes it’s really hard for me to understand why the holiday’s are so stressful for people. It seems so simple to me.

The holidays, Christmas, isn’t about impressing others, or an obligation to buy a bigger gift than the next person, or any reason to stress out.

We, ourselves and family and society, place too much hype on “Christmas.”

Now hear me out.

What Christmas too easily turns into is a chance for stores to make a lot of money and for you to empty your bank account- and all the while we forget the things that are really important.

The gifts are fun and sometimes necessary (sometimes you really do need a new pair of socks.) but they shouldn’t be our focus and they certainly shouldn’t stress us out. No seriously, if you are worried that so-n-so is going to hate your because you didn’t get them this or that new fangled gadget at the expense of next moths groceries then you probably shouldn’t buy them a gift because they are spoiled enough as it is.

There are three things I think the holiday is all about: Family, Fun, and Jesus Christ.

Getting the chance to spend time with family (or loved ones, close friends) is such a blessing. To get a day off of work and take the time to share your love, well wishes and maybe spoil someone a bit because you love them is pretty awesome. But again, the price of the gift shouldn’t matter (so don’t you worry your pretty little head!) because its the family part that matters.

The holidays are such a good excuse to have a little fun. There is so much cheer in the air! Jeff and I took hot cocoa and just drove around looking at lights and we’ve rented a couple funny Christmas movies (Home Alone or The Grinch anyone?) just because its the Christmas season and it’s time to celebrate and have fun! This time of year should be about love and fun and celebration, not money and gifts and stress.

Why do I and everyone else in this big ol’ country always come back to gifts and money on Christmas? Maybe because Christmas is about A Gift.

No matter what you get for cranky little Bobby who wants every new i-phone and gizmo, your gift cannot in any way compare to the reason we celebrate.

Santa Claus use to be called St. Nicolas. He gave gifts (and started up this Christmas tradition) because of his love for this one gift.

This one gift is something every heart longs for- don’t try to deny it, denial is usually a means of avoidance.

This one gift: Jesus Christ. God incarnate. God with us.

He came in the humblest of ways, as a baby in a manger. He lived a perfect sinless life and taught us the Truth. He died in the worst possible way of his time, by crucifixion, taking our wrongs on Himself. Then He rose again- HE’S ALIVE!

God came to earth to love us in a real and person all way. He came to save us from our sins, our wrongs, ourselves. He could have let us die in our sin, without out a chance of redemption. But He acted on our behalf. He could have distantly forgiven us and turned us all into good doing robots (how boring). But he came down to offer us His love and a very real relationship.

That is what Christmas is about- Celebrating the coming Savior, King, Our God!

So don’t stress. Give HIM your heart, make HIM your King, and give to others because HE loves you. Give to remember HIS gift.

See the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas HERE.


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