The 12 Days of Christmas

Offline3La La La, no more college for me! Now I can fully embrace Christmas and share all my ideas with you! Over the next 12 days I’ll be sharing decorating ideas, Christmas crafts of various sorts and other Christmasy themed things! It’s going to be great!

To kick it all off, lets start with some Christmas gift ideas, yeah? I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by now but graduating college kept me a little behind this year! {Click picture to find out where to purchase}

For the Crafty Decorator Type

Paper Punches

For the Athlete

New Running shoes. This site offers big discounts!

For the Cook

Seriously, who doesn’t want one of these?

For the Bride to Be

Make her a nightstand ring holder from a pretty mini frame and a pearl pin.

For the Fashionista

Love these!

For your Wife or Girlfriend

From Anthropologie-so these are spendy! but soooo cute!

For your Husband

Love this easy craft idea from A Content Housewife! Write on the glass of the frame with dry-erase marker everyday!

For almost anyone

Coffee gift card! I know gift cards can seem impersonal, but if you tie it to an awesome coffee travel mug (maybe one you decorate?) it adds that fun personal touch.

Hopefully that list inspires you a little bit as you head out to do your Christmas shopping! I’ll be back tomorrow with how the Christmas Pinterest Party went.

Until then, check out this Christmas craft you can do easy peasy! Make your own Christmas Card Wreath! (it makes a cute picture wreath after Christmas too.)


See all 12 Days of Christmas HERE!


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