Christmas Card Wreath

I promised a tutorial on this wreath a long time ago, well here it finally is!

IMG_2135-001Stuff you’ll need:

Embroidery hoop- i used a 17″

Wooden clothes pins- i used 16

hot glue gun

modge podge and an old brush

glitter in any color

Step 1: Arrange your clothes pins around your hoop, alternating clip-side in and out (so that you can hang cards both inside and outside of the hoop), to get the right spacing.


Step 2: hot glue your clothes pins to your hoop.


Step 3: brush modge podge onto the top of the clothes pins and sprinkle on the glitter. Let it dry. (5-7 min)


Step 4: After the first coat dries, paint on one more coat of modge podge over top of the glitter to keep it in place. don’t worry, it dries clear and sparkly.


Step 5: After it is all dry (give it 10 min this time to be sure) hang it on the wall by a nail or a ribbon and display your Christmas cards for all to see!

IMG_2135IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2135-001


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