The Elephant in the Room

I’m sitting here trying to think of what to blog about today…
my weekend?
upcoming holidays?

But then it would just seem wrong to do that when there is an elephant in the room.

Have you VOTED yet?

I honestly don’t care which way you voted as long as your choices were well researched, thoughtful and prayed over. I do care that you voted! America is built on the freedom of speech and the voice of the people, if everyone doesn’t participate we go against what makes our nation so incredible. 
I realize that some people don’t vote out of frustration-I’m mean really, we are choosing between two politicians here, they aren’t at all perfect no matter what their political campaign directors say- or out of laziness or simply because they don’t care. That make me mad. We can’t complain about laws that negatively effect us or claim benefits that we had the chance to vote on and didn’t. 
So go be an American,
 not a lazy or peeved bystander,
 go let your voice be heard 
and let freedom ring!

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