Sunburst Mirrors

So there is this lovely fad going around that I am late falling in love with-Sunburst mirrors! I think part of my unwillingness to fall in love is that the ones I like are always so expensive or that I just don’t have the time or resources to make it. But I have finally given in- I love them!


There are some fabulous tutorials out there on how to make various versions of them, like these pretty ones:

I think I’ll have to make one of these someday. Find the Tutorial HERE.
Tutorial Here

I love how they are decorative but can serve the purpose of making a room feel a little larger/brighter by reflecting light. I can decide where I want one more- my living room or above my bed…

The other day an idea hit me in the face it came so fast- Have you ever had that happen to you?- and this is what came of it!


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