New Series! Small Space Living

I LOVE  my little apartment. It is the perfect first home for us two little newlyweds. And by little, I mean tiny.

It’s a one room basement apartment (main room, bathroom, bedroom) in the home of one of our professors. They are the sweetest family and the best neighbors! With low ceilings and less then 500 sq  ft, storage and decorating can be a challenge. And then add our small, newlywed college student budget and things get a little harder.

This series, Small Space Living, will cover my decorating, organizing, and shopping ideas to help you live in your small space cheaply, comfortably and beautifully!

Here are some other posts with my decorating style: hallway, my diy chevron rug, the apartment when we first moved in a year ago.

My first secret: I do A LOT of thrifting. This saves me money and i find original items and i usually dont mind repainting or tearing apart these cheap finds to make new things. Below: all my picture frames are thrifted and repainted, the candle sticks were a grage sale find, the cake plate/cheese plate was a thrift store find, etc. It hard to look anywhere in my home and not see something that is secondhand! I LOVE IT!

Since my last decorating post I have already changed things up!
I got bored with all white walls, and though I’m sure they would have let us paint it would have taken far too long for my impatient self, so for my first apartment decorating trick….

 Get out your staple gun and tack up some fabric on a wall! I chose burlap because I already had it on hand in a large quantity from my wedding. But you can always find coupons and get cute fabric on discount. The other great thing about this is that I can quickly and easily change it depending on the season or my decorating mood. Depending on the wall size it might not be cheaper to go this route over paint, but for those of you in apartments or dorms where you can’t paint this is perfect!

 I also love decorating with natural things-real pumpkins and dried leaves. Small decorative pumpkins are about 50 cents at Winco!

 I also rearranged my living room. I took out my coffee table and arranged a little sitting area.

 I love the stacked books in my fireplace, but cold weather is coming! and I’m very excited to start using my fireplace for cozy fires, but now I have to find space for all those books…solution coming soon!

I found this lovely pillow at the Goodwill for $4! It’s a Target pillow in perfect condition that usually goes for about $20! This series will also cover my thrifting adventures, I’d love for you to come along with me!

View the other posts in this series by clicking the HERE or the Small Space Living tab above.


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