Day 9- Time

I think I’ve discovered that I need to change the layout of my day if I’m going to have quiet time with God everyday. For instance, I’m writing day 9 of day 10 … 

I realized last night about 10pm that I needed to blog! Then it hit me that blogging isn’t what this 31 Days is about. This month is between God and I and you just get to peak in at the process. God comes first, blog comes second. The other revelation form last night I mentioned already, I need to set aside a time in my day for the Lord, spending time with Him won’t just happen and it’s less likely to happen after noon.

So I decided last night to begin getting at least 45 minutes earlier, make coffee and breakfast and sit down with the Lord. That’s what I did this morning and it was great! I’ll post later about what I learned this morning.


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