Etsy Finds for Le$$

I love Etsy. I discovered it my sophmore year of college and though I have never purchased anything from it (but want to and will eventually), through patience and tireless “thriftstoring,” I have found many of my favorites for less!

By the way, all of these Etsy stores are great, I have linked them here in support!

Silver platter chalkboard


Theirs: $35
Mine: $1, Thrift store plus some blackboard paint ($6 bottle)

Galvanized old Pail


Theirs: $17
Mine: $1 Garage Sale, made it into a trash can by inserting a plastic can I already had.

Kraft Cheese crate

Theirs: $20
Mine: $4, Garage Sale, I use it to hold napkins and coffee accessories

Pretty Candle Sticks


Theirs: $26
Mine: $6, thrift stores and garage sales, and still collecting 🙂

Pretty old frame

Theirs: $112- all wood and from France
Mine: $3, Goodwill, plaster. I hung a painted corkboard inside the frame.

Nine Pane Window

Theirs: $75
Mine: $6, Bring Recycling in Eugene

Old Wood porch posts/columns


Theirs: for one, $105
Mine: $6, found at Bring Recycling
I love how it adds a little texture to an otherwise blank corner in my little home.

Numbered Drawer Pulls


Theirs: $7 each, professional and beautiful!
Mine: Still need to be crafted 🙂 Found a bag full of white glass knobs for $4 at a ReStore.

Home Pillow


Theirs: $38
Mine: freeish- I used on hand supplies to make my own, fabric, thread, sharpie. THeirs is much more professional and will hold up much better (this is one of those things I might buy) but hey I’m on a budget!

This is kitten’s favorite pillow

Red Chalkboard


Theirs: $100
Mine: $1 Cabinet door found at ReStore, plus paint and leftover chalkboard paint!

Scrabble Pieces

Theirs:random 50 letters $7
Mine: I found 2 complete games for $3 at Value Village

Here are things I’m still looking out for/ may eventually buy from Etsy! Find them in my Favorites.

leather camera bag
Vintage White Kitchen Scale
Vintage camera

Happy Hunting!


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