Bathroom And Hallway Reveal

My bathroom is tiny and therefore very hard to decorate. I also foster kittens, and they spend most of the day in there (so blinds and pillows and who knows what else doesn’t get ripped up while I’m gone) so it’s messy and only used when necessary. Here’s kinda what it looks like:

You can kinda tell I’ve got a beach theme going. I really like nautical/beach stuff but prefer it to be only in the bathroom-I mean I couldn’t ever decorate my whole house in fish and anchors. I want to find a basket for the shelf instead of the bucket i have now, a better clock, towels that match better, better/cuter organization for the wire shelves.
I’m still working on it but here is how I redid the wall next to the toilet with a little more color:

The shell frame is actually a coral color, not bright orange like the picture shows. The quote is inspired by Finding Nemo and makes me laugh. I found the wheel at the thrift store for $2. At the time is was raw wood, like what you would find at the craft store. How to antique-paint to come later!

Here’s my not so useful hallway (or rather very short walkway):

I took down all this stuff and pulled out my old dorm stuff and rummaged through my paint and came up with this…

Any ideas for my bathroom re-do? Leave a comment!


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