Raise Your Hand…

…if you are adicted to Pinterest!

I’m over 3500 pins and very few of them have I actually tried. Yes, many of them are for future reference, but really, a craft board with 237 pins that haven’t been tried? LAME.
I’m sure there are more of you out there that need less time Pining and more time DOING!
So here is my challenge to you (and me) for the month of September:
Try AT LEAST one thing off of your Pinterest every week.
Spend half of the time you normally spend Pinning doing something from Pintrest! This could be a craft, a workout, a recipe- the options are a endless! (if you decide to workout, think of the weight you could loose and the muscle you could build!)
Here are a few of the first Pins from my boards I’m going to do:
  Make These for the Bathroom!
Make a date ideas jar and pick one!
(color coded for $$$ and planning)
Decorate for Fall 
(maybe toward the end of September when the warm weather is over)

I’m sure I’ll do more things in September and I’ll make sure to share all my Pinterest inspired activities with you! Just make sure to share yours with me too! Post to my Facebook or here in comments!


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