All Done…Kinda

I lost.
I lost the Biggest Loser.
That sounds so lame…

BUT I still lost 6.2 pounds! Gotta stay positive!

Oh, and by the way that “Military diet” I posted about earlier didn’t work for me. I did have to subsitute a few little things so I guess my trial wasn’t a fair trial but when I hadn’t lost any weight after two days of eatting VERY little (though it was healthy) I decided to quit. Maybe I’ll give it another go around sometime when I can follow it to the T.

Of course I’m not to my goal weight yet so I’m going to continue working hard! My goal is to be at 160 when classes start next week on Wednesday! Thank you all for being so encouraging!

In Other News…

Classes start up for me, like I said earlier, next week. That means SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOPPING! One of my favorite things!

Here’s what I bought at Walmart this year…

 -Pink Planner (actually from Target!)
-Grey 1 1/2 in three ring binder
-6 fantastic folders to hold handouts from class and to use as dividers
-Sharpie pens in fun colors: Coral, Turquoise, Lime and Pink!
-Simple College Ruled Notebook- 97 cents! Bam!
– And of course my favorite Ticonderoga pencils in classic yellow

Does anything look out of place in the picture above?

Yep, you got it. Boring blue notebook with no fun pattern!

Here’s how I fixed that problem!

 I love making collages!It require little to no artistic skill and is so fun and relaxing! It is a favorite activity of mine when babysitting, chillling with girlfriends or just watching a movie by my self. 🙂

 I have A LOT of magazines laying about so last night I turned on Criminal Minds and snipped away. 

Here’s what to do:
-Gather or buy (or just ask friend or neighbors if they have unwanted magazines) Magazines with fun graphics and words.
-Arrange the pieces as you go, but don’t glue them down until you
are happy with how it looks! 
-Cover the whole thing with Modge Podge or strips of clear packaging tape to secure your masterpiece against bumps in your back pack!
-No one else is going to have the same notebook as you! Great for those finicky teenage girls (I was one once upon a time)

Do you have a favorite school supply item?



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