Paper Love

I LOVE paper.
No really, it’s kinda weird. I could totally spend hours browsing through scrapbook paper at the craft store. 
I also can’t resist a blank piece of paper.
Be it lined, colored or blank.
Something must fill its lovely emptiness!
I love journals (and writing in them) and I wuold buy a new one every time I went to the store if I could.
Maybe I should open a coffee/book/art shop???
I just love paper!
Naturally I have found and fallen in love with pleanty of paper things on Etsy and Pinterest and I thought I would share!
(clink the linked words above for more of my favs!)  
fantastic business/calling cards
must give this card to someone!
this wall is covered in 3×5 cards with favorite verses on them! (Guest book idea maybe?)
I must have this journal!  here
That is just a small sample of my love for paper. Hope you see some thing you like and therefore don’t think I’m entirely crazy!
What do you love like I love paper?

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