Peanut Butter Protien Shake

By request! Here is my new favorite treat!

Pretty picture curtsey of Pinterest

Click Here  to see the recipe for Peanut Butter Protein shake.

Personally, I don’t follow precise measurements. Do whatever is comfortable or yummy to you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter so i put more in than the recipe.

What I do: Get out your blender and drop in half a banana, some vanilla protein powder (i got the vanilla flavor so that it would still taste good in other drinks.) a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, a few scoops of vanilla yogurt, 4-5 ice cubes, and sometimes a few scoops of hot coco powder 🙂 blend until smooth and enjoy!

The amount of protein in the peanut butter and powder make this rink more of a meal than a side drink. I like to drink it for lunch before going to the gym or working out, or i drink it after the gym to replenish some of what i’ve lost.

 I’ve been learning more and more about weight loss and the biggest change i’ve had to make is how much i eat. Eat just enough to get through your day. You don’t want to be hungry and you don’t need to eat a burger, fries, milk shake and more fries. (even though its sooooo good!)

I’ve also learned that it’s ok to splurge and over eat EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE and you can still be healthy and lose weight. Weight loss is more than just a goal, it needs to be a life style and you want to have a happy life!

Like this weekend is our anniversary. I know that i’m going to eat some things that are not in my weight loss plan (hot dogs, s’mores etc.) because we are camping. It’s going to be fun! But i have to be careful with the amounts i eat and how much i’m burning so i don’t waste what i’ve accomplished!

Fun but balanced. Yummy but balanced. Happy but guiltless.


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