Hahaha, I know what you are thinking, “She’s pregnant!” Nope. πŸ™‚ I’ve been getting that question a lot. Well, actually the  “when are you two going to start having kids” question.

Here’s the answer, God willing, after Jeff finishes law school so that I can be a stay-at-home mom, which gives us a good four years. To be honest, I’m a little selfish- I just want my husband all to my self and I know that after we start having kids, life will never be the same. I know it will be good but I want to have time to enjoy the now.

Of course, just because we aren’t having kids yet (kittens don’t really count i guess) πŸ™‚ it doesn’t mean I can’t dream about them. Last night I dreamed I had a naughty 2 year old boy running around stark naked laughing. I also have a Pintrest Board dedicated to my someday kids- here are 10, okay 11, no 12, of my favorite ideas:

1.) Elephants. there are just way to many cute things out there!

2.) Hilarious Family photos

3.) A growth chart I can take anywhere no matter where we might move.

4.) Having a journal for each child. You begin writing to the child when you discover you are pregnant and gift the journal to them when they move out for college. This is perfect for me because I love journaling.

5.) Awesome binkis.

The one to the right is a thermometer! Brilliant!

6.) Cute birthday crown to use every year.

7.) Natural toys/ toys that don’t make noise. You know, like in the “good ol’ days” we were happy with a couple sticks and a daisy crown. Wood blocks were always my favorite!

8.)  Awesome play house/room.

<—Through the wardrobe to Narnia!

Play house under the stairs —>

9.) Fun food!

<—- jello orange

 <—hot dog octopi

colored ice cubes
with food coloring —>

10.) Decorating kids rooms! I already wrote a post about this, read it here.

11.) Games and parties!

 Ninja fight


                                               “drive in” movie

obstacle course or “laser fields”

                   fishing for magnetic objects in the bath tub

12.) Dressing them πŸ™‚

Sigh, so much fun waiting for us. I guess I should do a “date idea” post soon too, I’ve got lots of ideas for a budget! And for those of you who have noticed, yes, I am way behind on my photo challenge- but I am working on it!

Have a good Tuesday!


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