Summer To-Do

I love To-Do lists. They keep me organized, they keep me sane, and I LOVE checking off the boxes when a task is completed. Usually my check lists aren’t very fun: laundry, dishes, go running, etc. But I found this cute inspiration on Pinterest and had to make it!

From eighteen25

Here’s what you do:

First find a frame you like. I had a long frame like the one above that I wasn’t using, but you could use any size frame you want.

I had to paint my frame white because black isn’t in my decor.

Print out the FREE PRINTABLE from eighteen25‘s blog.

Place in frame! make sure to clean and dry the glass thoroughly.

The original above wrote on the paper print out in black pen and then placed it in the frame. I wanted to be able to use mine again as well as add to the list as Jeff and I thought of new ideas. So I just grabbed a dry erase marker and scribbled all over the glass!

Here’s how mine turned out:

If you can’t read the picture, here are a few thing’s on our Summer To-Do list…

Go Camping, Go Swimming, Celebrate our 1st Anniversary, Finish LOST, Visit a Fruit Stand, Visit Grandparents, Get Ripped ;), Make Homemade Ice Cream, Go to the Beach, Write a Love Note, Read a Book Together, Go Rock Wall Climbing, Have a Picnic with Friends, etc.

It’s going to be a great summer! What’s on your To-Do list?


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